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Keyword Research
Provides the the search volume, click volume, purchase volume and conversion rate of the top 100,000 keywords under all categories.
Supports US, Japan, European, Canada, Australia,India marketplaces, update monthly.
Display the keyword historical trends for the market analyse and profitable products selection.
Recommend relevant keywords for listing and CPC keywords optimization.
Product Research
Provides the product accurate sales data of top 100,000 ASIN under each category.
Provides the query on monthly sales, weekly sales and Move&Shakers.
Supports the query on specific category, including 1st category, 2nd category, 3rd category and more.
Supports multiple filter conditions to find the target profit products.
Movers & Shakers
Sort the sales growth value which it is growing its sales weeks over weeks.
List the ASIN which the growth rate is over 10%.
Supports 2nd category or 3rd category.
Supports USA, Japan, UK, French, Germany,Italy,and Spain marketplaces, update weekly.
ASIN Report 
The organic search volume, click volume, purchase amount and etc for the keywords of specific ASIN.
Organic daily sales of the keyword for the past two years.
 The ASIN report 2.0 Includes the ASIN weekly sales.
Supports all marketplaces, available within 1-3 business days after submission download a sample
Reverse ASIN
To dig out the keywords which bring the traffic and sales to product.
Optimize your Amazon listings, generate more Traffic, and sell more products.
Save on CPC and get more accurate keywords to increase the CPC performance.
A deep insight of high-searched keywords which you might never think of.
Keyword Rank Tracking
Keyword Rank Tracking
Track your daily keywords ranking and optimize your Amazon product promotions.
Monitor the keywords ranking of competing ASIN and used to your marketing and optimization efforts.
Supports bulk operation.
Sales Tracker & Product Tracker
Track the daily BSR ranking changes of your ASIN under each category to evaluate your promotion efforts.
Track the daily BSR ranking, price, reviews, rating changes of competing ASIN to get the promotion strategy of opponents.
Track the daily stock and sales of competing ASIN.
Sales Tracker & Product Tracker
Negative Review Notification
Negative Review Notification
Automatically send a notification email to your inbox whenever you receive a negative review.
Find the real name and private email address of reviewers to contact them remove the negative reviews.