get the “Purchases keywords” of competitors’ ASIN
What is the Amazon ASIN report?
The ASIN report can tell you the top purchase keywords for any ASIN. Each report includes, search volume, click volume, add to carts for each keyword related to the ASIN. Also included is the organics daily sales number for the ASIN. I’m sure you can see the value of this data. Your competition research and keyword research will be exponentially better with the data from this report. 
It is suggested to order 3-5 ASIN reports per category for keyword research so that the data will be more objective. Please allow 1-3 business days for us to compile the data for your ASIN report. 
To submit a AISN for analysis, sign up for an account and go to the ASIN report section. 



  • 5     Asin Reports
  • 10   Keyword Research Queries
  • 10   Reverse ASIN Queries
  • 10   Product Research Queries



  • 10         Asin Reports
  • 1000    Keyword Research Queries
  • 1000    Reverse ASIN Queries
  • 1000    Product Research Queries
  •  500    Tracked Keywords
  •  100    Sales Tracked Products
  •  100    Tracked Products



  • 50           Asin Reports
  • 10000     Keyword Research Queries
  •  2000     Reverse ASIN Queries
  • 10000    Product Research Queries
  •  2000     Tracked Keywords
  •    500     Sales Tracked Products
  •    500     Tracked Products
Asin Reports FAQ
It is best to use the child ASIN. Search the target ASIN in the Amazon search box first. If the search result is the listing what you want,  then it’s the correct ASIN to use for the ASIN report.
The sales volume in the Daly Sales from search” section is the sales volume generated directly from keywords searched in the Amazon search box. Which means that the numbers do not include, sales from outside traffic, i.e. FB or Google ads. It does not include sales when the buyer navigates to a ASIN using the category navigation section, related product recommendations or any “deals” sales. PPC sales data is also not included. 
Unfortunately Amazon has closed the path that had allowed us to gather this extra data. So you are getting the best organic searched keywords used to buy a specific ASIN.
The “Purchased Keywords” are related to the organic keyword searches where the ASIN is displayed in the search results and the ASIN is purchased from those search results. These are the top organic keywords used to purchase the ASIN.
Search Percentage: The percentage of purchases from the corresponding keyword.
The ASIN with too many variants has very few keyword data recorded in the Amazon background, especially those ASINs whose keywords are low-ranking, because some ASINs’ traffics are basically based on the exposure of other variant ASINs. Suppose that we export a report of one ASIN which is called ASIN B, When the user searches for a keyword, he sees another variant which is called ASIN A under the same parent ASIN as ASIN B. If one user clicks ASIN A and enters the listing but then browses through the ASIN B, which will result that the Amazon system cannot identify the keyword which brought traffic. Therefore, when purchasing the ASIN report, it had better to select the ASIN with excellent performance. 
The search volume column is almost 100%. These are the organic keywords that were entered into the search bar and then the product was displayed in the results. For Click volume and Add to cart volume it is important to note that not all sales come directly from a keyword search. Some sales may be from the “Frequently bought together” section, “compare with similar products” section, “what other items do customers buy” . So there are some sales that will not be tied directly to a keyword.