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  • 10   Keyword Research Queries
  • 10   Reverse ASIN Queries
  •   0    Search Term Queries
  • 10   Product Research Queries
  • 10    Top Sales Weekly Queries
  • 10   Movers & Shakers Queries
  • 10    Tracked Keywords
  • 10   Sales Tracked Products
  • 10    Tracked Products
  • 10    Review Alerts Products



  • 1000    Keyword Research Queries
  • 1000    Reverse ASIN Queries
  •   10      Search Term Queries
  • 1000    Product Research Queries
  • 1000    Top Sales Weekly Queries
  • 1000    Movers & Shakers Queries
  •  500    Tracked Keywords
  •  100    Sales Tracked Products
  •  100    Tracked Products
  •  100    Review Alerts Products



  • 10000     Keyword Research Queries
  •  2000     Reverse ASIN Queries
  •    50       Search Term Queries
  • 10000    Product Research Queries
  • 10000    Top Sales Weekly Queries
  • 10000    Movers & Shakers Queries
  •  2000     Tracked Keywords
  •    500     Sales Tracked Products
  •    500     Tracked Products
  •    500     Review Alerts Products
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No extra charges. A plan’s price is only based upon number of Keywords or products. So no matter if you use just one European marketplace or or two or all five; the price is based upon your combined total keywords or products.
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