Negative review is a problem trouble many Amazon sellers, because once seller fail in handled properly, it will affect the follow-up sales, even affect the account following operation, so when the seller encountered negative feedback, we must find ways to positively solve the problem, today we will talk about what assessment approach those Amazon big seller use, hoping to play a reference for businesses.
First, reduce the sales price of the product
If there are negative comments on your page, your sales certainly tend to decline, while the decline in sales led to decline in rankings, natural traffic reduction, orders further reduced, so, the entire operation will enter a vicious circle. In order to avoid this vicious cycle, sellers should be appropriate to reduce the product price after receiving the bad review price to stabilize and pull up orders through the low price.
Second, find loopholes
Although most sellers will be proactive in contacting customers in the face of negative reviews, there are many situations where customers do not respond to these communications. The seller should contact the customer and look for loopholes in the evaluation content at the same time, if the evaluation content is contrary to the rules of the platform, you can complaints to the platform customer service for customer service support, and thus help remove the bad reviews, For example, customers use abusive and discriminatory language in their reviews, or reviews are not relate to product, etc which are all belong to removable contents.
Third, Get good reviews
The seller also need to have more good reviews to against the current poor evaluation, after all, there are many uncertainties linked to the external results.Customer may not make purchase decision because of negative reviews, but if good reviews are much more than bad reviews, the affect of bad review will be reduce.
Fourth, check review history of reviewer
Some buyers will leave a bad review for almost all the sellers in their comment history because of poor quality or malicious comment. Therefore, the seller could review the buyer's comment historical records, if the records appear abnormal comment phenomenon, the seller can sort out these anomalies, and then send to the Amazon customer service, if the complaint information is complete and convincing, platform customer service may help the seller to remove bad review.
Fifth, Contact the buyer
When you receive a bad review, the first thing the seller should do is try to get in touch with the customer. Amazon platform is a shopping platform which is based on customer satisfaction-oriented, when seller receive the bad review from customers, the first thing that should be thought of is their own products and services are out of the customers' expectations, therefore, the seller should contact customer contact at the first time, sincerely apologize to customers, and provide effective solutions, when customers feel your sincerity, it is possible to understand and help you modify negative reviews.