Recently, a full-time Amazon FBA seller shared his account frozen story, it is worth reading. FBA seller Peter (a pseudonym) had sales of just $ 1,000 a month for the first few months when he just start his sales on Amazon, but after 11 months his sales increases to more than $ 60,000 a month. Peter said: "The business has grown so well that I feel like I'm dreaming, and of course until one day my account is frozen by Amazon." 
Peter's performance was good, with a rating of 4.9 stars, a lot of product reviews, and he also respond to every customer's problem. He knows every Amazon rule, every written and unwritten rule, and he checks every policy update. When the receipt of the account frozen notice, Peter just completed a large number of product packaging and is about to UPS shipped. He said: "My account suddenly frozed, so I quickly went to the computer to see where something went wrong. The result was that the account was frozen with multiple sellers' accounts. At that time, I was very alarmed and could not believe what happened. At the same time I fel angry, but I know there are many things to deal with. "To deal with it, he hired an external team to assist the complaint, many people told him that the account should be restored. He said: "I know the probability of recovery is not large, but I am willing to give it a try and pay thousands of dollars to consultants."
In fact, Peter has only one sales account, and one purchasing account (which Amazon allows). A few months ago, a friend who had previously sold a product on Amazon was very interested in learning about FBA-related operations and Peter did not refuse. He said: "Friends can help deal with PPC advertising, new products and interests the target customers, so I will teach him what I know. 
The first few months he did not use my account, trust him completely before giving him my account, and then the account was frozen. "Peter's friend sold the product to Amazon two or three years ago, but his own account was not shut down by Amazon (though he thought it was shut down). So when Peter's friend logs in to Peter's corporate account on a computer that used to log in to the old seller's account, Amazon associates Peter's account with his friend's account, so the account is frozen. After waiting two weeks, Peter's complaint was rejected. He said: "Later, I asked my friend to reopen his account, solve some problems and then close the account.But my petition was rejected again, I basically lost confidence in recovering account.I started to find a job and asked me where to do Wrong, what should I do? "
One night after Peter sent an email to Jeff Bezos, Peter wrote an email. He said: "I do not know if this email will be sent out, but I think it would be too painful." The initial draft was very angry and not logical. "He heard many people at the forum that Jeff would not reply, "I knew there is only a 1 in 100 million chance that Jeff would see this mail and I knew that there was a very small chance of recover the frozen account ." 
Peter said: "I later changed my email, the statement was sincere, state the situation, Clarified the misunderstanding and told him how hard I worked and how disappointed I was about what happened. "The next day, Peter received an email from Seller Support stating that the frozen account had been restored and that all products were on the shelves. He said: "I'm so happy, incredible, but I think Jeff should not read the mail, but someone who has the right to recover account within 24 hours." After almost 40 days without any earning, Peter recently went back to selling the product.
5 tips for the seller from Peter : 
1. buy a computer and use it exclusively for FBA sales. Peter said: "I spent $ 200 on a computer and spent $ 10 a month on my network, but this at least makes me sure I do not inadvertently associate it with other accounts." If you move to a new flat and Someone used to use FBA account here before, then you are most likely to be frozen. At the same time, there are risks associated with using public Wi-Fi networks such as coffee shops.
2. Make every customer happy. Sellers should accept overtime returns and always respond to e-mail, also be very friendly. This will help you when your account is frozen. 
3. Diversification. This is easier to say than done. 
4. Realize that the business foundation you are building is not stable. Peter is single, not married and has no children, so it's no big deal to eat noodles for months. However, if he has a family, such a thing may cause him to be anxious for 24 hours. 
5. Do not stop learning. It's best for sellers to review Amazon's policies and rules daily because they change and you can not know nothing about it.