"Black Friday" "Cyber Monday"have passed, big returns always followed the big sales, which not only affects sales, but also affect the store's ranking on the platform. When faced with a large number of returns, cross-border sellers should be how to do it? We Sellerspririt here is introducing some tips for you.
1. The beginning stage: Identify malicious returns. Not all returns are the seller's problem, some buyers will deliberately buy more and then malicious return, if a return is identified as malicious return, be sure to apply to the platform to safeguard your legitimate rights. 
In order to prevent malicious buyers return, the seller may require the buyer to return the goods to the "Second Seconds Store" designation address, all the fragmented products will be selled and aucted by "The Second Chance Store" ,donated to charity after deducting the cost, At the same time issue the corresponding charity donation certificate to the seller. 
Sellers have such a universal return address, which can increase the return cost of buyers, to reduce malicious fraud. Because buyers go to the post office and courier companies sporadic mail packages without any shipping discount, need to pay a high amount of freight at their own expense, even if the buyer does not need to pay the freight, it also needs to drive at least half an hour to the post office or UPS / FedEx queue for shipping. As a result, the malicious return rate will be deducted. 
United States Return General 
Address To: Margo Gibson 
Recipient Address: 11415 E.23rd Street, Independence, MO 64052
2, the communication stage: if your product value is not high, simply presented to the customer, negotiated with the customer to stay praise. If the value is high, then you can try to give him some small gifts or coupons to buy next time, maybe buyers will not choose to. (Of course, this is based on the premise of your product has a good quality).