Our most familiared attractiving tarffic method on e-commerce platform is social network, in fact, in addition to social networking, Deals station is one of the channels can not be ignored, then how to attractive traffic through deal station.
Posting rules in most Deals station
①. Store feedback number is more than 1000, it mainly depends on the quality of deal. 
②. Coupon Code of the product should lower than its historical price. 
③. Product discount price lower than the historical lowest, you can use the tool to query. 
④. The price of the product should has an advantage compared to the hotukdeal. 
⑤. The rating of the product and the number of reviews should not be bad. 
⑥. You need to post in a proper way and do not like an advertise.
The following is a specific website posting requirementsfor various station: 
1.US station Slickdeals :
Feedback quantity in Amazon store is  more than 1000 (mandatory). 
The review of froducts need to be more than 20. 
Discount must be reasonable, it is not recommended to rise your price too much after the discount. 
The product score is best not less than 4.0 points (low-score product is hard to be popular). 
The deal will appear in 
http://slickdeals.net/deals/ page, 
a larger volume, longer duration. 
2.The U.S. station Dealsplus 
the number of Amazon Store Feedbacks should be more than 100. 
The review of products need to be more than 20. (Good performance product can also be posted in the deal, and ignore the above two requirements Oh) 
the product score is best not less than 4.0 points. 
The Deals will be posted on the https://www.dealsplus.com/popular page. 
In general, as long as the code is valid, the post will exist for a long time.
3.The U.SFatwallet station: 
Amazon stores had more than 1,000 Feedback. 
The number of reviews of product is not less than 20. (Good performance product can also be posted in the deal station and ignore the above two requirements) 
The product score is best not less than 4.2 points. 
Deal appears on the  https://www.fatwallet.com/amazon.com page.
There are much more deal stations in different countries, we do not describe its requiements here and introduce their websites to you only, if you are interested in this kind of promotion, you can analysis their own rules on their websides, and here, we gonna to list some deal station website in different coutries:
American DEALS station: 
1. https://www.groupon.com/ 
2. http://www.retailmenot.com/ 
3. http://www.zulily.com/ 
15. http://www.dealcatcher.com/ 
UN DEALS Station 
http://www.hotukdeals.com/ https://www.vouchercodes.co.uk/ 
https://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/ http://www.honglingjin.co.uk/ 
http://www.studentmoneysaver.co.uk/ http://mightydeals.co.uk/ 
https://ashleighmoneysaver.co.uk/ http://www.discountvouchers.co.uk/ 
http://www.wowcher.co.uk/deals http://www.kgbdeals.co.uk/
German DEALS station
http://www.mydealz.de http://www.dealabs.com http://www.deal-fuchs.net 
http://grosseangebote.de http://scontodeal.de http://www.gutscheine.de 
http://www.nightdeal.com http://www.dealzeit.ch 
Canada DEALS station 
France DEALS Station
Japan DEALS Station
http://ponpare.jp/ http://kakaku.com/ 
Russian DEALS station 
Spanish DEALS Station 
http://es.groupalia.com/ http://es.letsbonus.com http://tringa.com 
Poland DEALS Station 
http://gruper.pl http://www.godealla.pl 
Danish DEALS Station 
http://www.downtown.dk/ http://www.sweetdeal.dk 
Belgium DEALS station 
turkey DEALS station 
http://www.yakala.co http://www.grupanya.com 
Netherland DEALS Station