On November 8, a fire broke out at Rugeley Logistics Center in Amazon UK. After the fire, many sellers said their products were marked as "Reserved" and sellers were eager to know if the product was damaged or could be re-shelved before Black Friday.
Recently Amazon sent a notice to the seller after fire incident to explain some questions .
It is understood that Amazon is expected to estimate all the inventory situation on November 17,the seller could stocks or resumed sales, or obtain a refund according to Amazon lost and damaged inventory compensation policy. Sellers can re-purchase and stockpiled their best-selling stock by the compensation they receive.
Amazon sends the seller the following notification email:
"Due to the recent accident at the logistics center, we are verifying the affected stock items, so some of the seller's products may be on hold and we expect to complete all inventory assessments by November 17. The seller stocks or resumed sales or Compensation will be given according to the platform policy.After November 17th, if your inventory is still reserved, it may not be related to the accident. "