Frequently bought together, which is automatically generated by Amazon according to buyers' buying habits, is helpful to improve product sales and increase the exposure and flow of the product. But more sellers want to know whether the relationship can be created artificially? There is a lot of affiliate marketing in the Amazon which is similar to the frequently bought together. If your products can be linked to the top of the product, the increase in flow and order volume is not a dream.
How does this kind of association happen? 
It is that a buyer often buys a product after buying your product, such a lot of the  purchased actions at the same time will be acquired by the system and displayed on page. In short, it is customers who viewed this items also viewed together and customers who bought this items also bought. 
1. The most common way is to set up the binding sales, that is, the two things bought together can be discounted, such as buy the refrigerator and socket together, buy the mobile phone and the film together; The main products will lead to the sales of by – product, which is more stable to form a frequent frequently. 
2. Using PPC advertising, if the associated object you want to do is a listing, then it will set up a long tail word. because the competition is relatively small, so the price will not be high, as long as the customer enters into the listing, there will be your ad, click on the ads to view or buy your product. It will be associated once it accumulated to enough numbers. There are also some use of heikeji or email marketing skills, it waste your time and energe and generate some bad result.
What products between the buyer is easy to be accepted by buyers?
As the front said, a refrigerator associated socket, a mobile phone associated with tempered film, these associations can be accepted by most buyers, if buy shoes and then associated with a pin, it can make no sense.
1. The complementary relationship:  complementary correlation emphasizes the direct correlation between the products and the main products, such as the main push products are softymo, which can be matched with facial mask and facial cleanser as the complementary products. 
2. Substitution relevance substitution: it refers to that the main push goods and related commodities can be completely replaced, such as the main push goods are t – shirts, then the associated products can be v – neck t – shirts, or stand – collar, etc.
3. potential associated potential relevance emphasizes the potential complementary relationship: which is generally not recommended, but can be considered in the context of multiple categories of shops. If the main push merchandise is a bathing suit, the potential associated product can be sunscreen / necklace, on the bright side, there is no relationship between the two products, but in the potential sense, the person who buys a swimsuit may be swimming outdoors, because sunscreen is also necessary. 
4.Frequently: frequently will only show that the seller is browsing the product in your mall or your product appears on the gold shopping cart. In addition to this, other platforms such as Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest and so on are suitable for promotion.
In general, the frequently is a good flow entry, as long as the correlation between the two products is not too bad, the conversion rate is generally higher, so that can achieve the purpose of association.