Here are some common pitfalls and the root cause of ad failures in PPC ads. Before we start the reason analysis, please prepare the following two things: 
A. Download the latest customer search term analysis report. 
B. Find out the difference between search keywords and product keywords. 
Search Keywords: refers to the keywords used by buyers to find products in Amazon. 
Product Keywords: refers to the product keywords that you advertise on the Amazon platform. 
1. The 0 ad display rate: ① check whether your advertising product has a shopping cart or not(no cart can not advertise, may be shopping cart were robbed after the ads). ② check the ad group for errors. ③ check if the keywords not displayed in other ad groups, which we often call self-competition, competitive words usually share the ad's display, or appear to be rejected by the Amazon advertising system. 
2. low advertisemnet display rate.①Check the search term inside the keyword settings whether there are special characters, such as colon, period. ② check if your product is located category (this is the most common and most common mistake). ③ check whether the ad bid is too low, refer to the home page advertising recommended price, but please remember that the first page ads and product categories corresponding. ④ check whether the ad keywords appear in the middle of the product title. ⑤ check the advertising keywords appear in the background search terms inside.
3. the irrelevant search terms have a great show volume When Amazon to your product an irrelevant keyword excessive display, that Amazon is your product is lacking a clear understanding or positioning, this time Need to see your product title and search term settings, in general, in the title and search term inside, the more the previous keywords in the advertising display the greater the weight, if you are in the front of the product and set some more relevant Too little, or too neutral words, will mislead Amazon misjudgment your audience of product ads, giving a lot of useless display of terms that are not related to the product. 
4. there is no display of a click or a few clicks ① shoppers using the search keyword search products, despite seeing your ad display products, but do not think your product and search keywords have too much contact. You need to see the product image and title settings for your ad impression, for example, the ad placement to the right of the Amazon search results will only show the first 33 characters of the product title, at this time make sure the product title in the first 33 characters The length of the product and product selling point to convey to the shopper. ② the ad is too low and not displayed in the search section of the upper half. Foreigners are lazy, you may only look at the top several products, or, to a large extent, the top few products are already very The foreigner's intention to buy a direct order.

5. there is a click but no sales ① advertising is created too short, suc