14 Q&A for You to Answer Amazon CPC Traffic

Flow, has been deeply troubled many sellers, from the internal station flow to inbound external drainage, do you really know how to promote your products advertising?
It says the CPC costs much money, but why so many enthusiasts? Only is the money worthy, everybody would do it all the time, isn't it?
This article shares 14 q & a on the Amazon CPC theme, so you can clearly see how many points your ad has made?

1. Q: Advertising Prerequisites?
   A:  First, you must have your shopping cart. Second, if no shopping cart, proposed FBA delivery, low-  cost   promotion and other ways to make listing produce order. Third, proposed new seller started CPC advertising after  having shopping cart.
2. Q: How to measure the input and output of the station advertising?
     A: Pay attention to the value of ACOS. But blindly pursue that the ACOS value becomes smaller will affect the product growth cycle.
3. Q: The highest bid is set, why not show the highest bid?
    A: Cpc ad positions are determined by performance and bid, and then rotate the limited booths every hour. The weight of performance is often greater than the bid,so it is important to do a good conversion rate.
4. Q:Is the advertising word priority in search term or in title?
    A: Priority is placed in search term.
5. Q: I did the CPC nothing effect, the single dose not how to improve?
    A: Cpc is only a kind of auxiliary, flow has the key to see the conversion of products
6. Q: When you set up an automatic payment ad, and you can let it go?
    A: Irresponsible, do not do adjustment optimization, it will certainly waste your money.
7. Q: There will be a new batch of FBA arrivals next week. how do you do the promotion in 15 days of the traffic support period?
    A: If your store feedback is over 1000, you can try slide; If not, you can try the sellerspirit.
8. Q: The ad drives a lot of keywords, but more than 90 % of them only has  one word and the big word has a deal. But acos two months or about 35 %. Isn't it a right product or the precise word doesn't bring flow?
    A: In general, a lot of advertisements are only big words to clinch a deal, not because your product is not. Acos control is 35 %, which is not high in the new model. You can dig some words to test it.
9. Q: That was the product, and the day before yesterday I  optimized the keywords in search terms. As a result, acos is up to 90 % for these two days, does it take a few days to make the transition?
   A: It takes time to make the transition, you can lower the price. Let it process slowly.
10. Q: Is it possible to lower the bid to control your own ROI when the high price bid makes the product stable?
      A: It's ok.
11. Q: In addition, the manual advertising I choose the phrase match is appropriate, the other two like to open at the same time?
      A: Can be manual advertising and automatic advertising at the same time, do not need to wait for automatic advertising after the word comes out. Your search term ensures that potential words are added.
12. Q: After a period of advertising, in addition to reducing the number of words without the bid, how to make the word for each bid to reduce? Is it possible to try to lower the bid when the product is high and the overall product ranking is good
     A: That's right It is in the product transformation high, the product overall ranking good situation to try to reduce the bid.
13. Q: What happened to my ad suddenly all over the budget?
      A: Because of the point of your ad, everyone else goes to buy the deal.
14. Q: I have a product that is not a big category, but the main tweet bid $ 3.5 a single click on the front page. Do you still need to continue to increase your bid? Or what should I do?
      A: If your product is not a big category, but you need to pay a high price of $ 3.5, I suggest not to increase the bid, using a safer price to promote, for example, about $ 1.5. The search engine has time, and we can cumulate to improve the quality of your keywords by a month's ranking.